Eating Central Europe: Top Ten Things To Eat In Central Europe

prague ham beer and halusky

What are the best things to eat in Central Europe? And where do you eat said Central European classic dishes? Those are some of the top questions I’ve received since returning from my culinary summer road trip of Central Europe, and after a, uh, fashionable delay, I’m finally here with my long-awaited Top Ten Thing […]

Review: Culinary Value For Money at Sdr. Bjert Kro, Kolding, Denmark

Monkfish cheeks and chanterelles at Sdr. Bjert Kro

UPDATE, MARCH 2018: As of February 2018, Sdr. Bjert Kro has closed permanently due to lack of interest from the dining public. To see what the boys are up to now, check out my review of Bror Ditlev – Kolding’s new fine dining venture. In the beautiful hamlet of Sdr. Bjert (Sonder Bjaert) – just 10 […]

Eating Central Europe: Ten Culinary Facts from a Gastronomic Road Trip

Horse and sheep Kielbasa Sausage

What are the best things to eat in Central Europe? And what are the most curious trends and habits in Central European food and drink culture? This, honestly, were the first things I thought when my good friends and travel companions, Malene and Emelie, asked me if I would be interested in going with them […]

Review: Restaurant Substans – Aarhus, Denmark – One Michelin Star

Restaurant Substans

“I wear a size 38 shoe if you somehow want to work that into your 5000 words about the experience,” said Piskeriset, fellow food blogger and one of my lovely co-diners for the evening, jokingly as we settled in for what was to be a strange, unpredictable, yet oddly fascinating and likable dining experience at […]

Classic Cocktails: French 75 Champagne Cocktail

French 75 cocktail

Let me tell you a story about what has quickly become my favorite cocktail: The French 75 – a perfect blend of four simple, albeit somewhat decadent ingredients: The crisp, herbal bite of gin, the vibrant, bubbly freshness of Champagne, a juicy acidic punch of fresh lemon and a whiff of sweetness from a hint of […]