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Simple pleasures: Popping Lemon/Pistachio White Chocolate Truffles

white chocolate truffles

If you’re a regular ’round here, you may have noticed that things have turned a little, uh, over the top and ever so slightly excessive  lately: gourmet restaurant reviews, rabbit gumbo, premium vodkas, gold leaf and Caviar… It’s been a lot of fun, granted, and as I’ve always said: if it’s worth doing, it’s probably worth […]

Eating Dixie: Rabbit Gumbo Recipe and Gumbo Basics

Rabbit Gumbo

To say that I was excited about going to Louisiana as part of our Summer 2014 road trip of the Southern US would be an understatement, in any which way you look at it. To say that I was  excited from a culinary perspective would be hitting the nail right on the head! The South, […]

Dealing with leftovers: Cream of leftover asparagus soup

cream of asparagus soup

I have this friend called Malene. She’s a real, little sweetie and all, but she yells at me! Granted, sometimes I deserve it, like if I’m being a total idiot or doing extraordinarily stupid things but other times, I get a feeling she does it f0r kicks. Like this one time, a year or so ago, where I’d […]

White Asparagus, Pata Negra Ham & Champagne Mousseline

white asparagus

If you asked me up front what my favorite thing about spring and early summer is, I’d probably tell you “asparagus… and girls in summer dresses… In no particular order!” Things like grilling, beers on the lawn and seemingly endless nights might come into play as well, but no, I’m pretty sure if you asked […]

Chicken Pad Thai: A Stir Fry Classic!

Chicken Pad Thai

Hello friends, Johan the food snob here with another installment in the “Let’s try to do things a little more authentically!” series. Let me ask you this: Have you ever wanted to really piss off a Thai person? No? Well, I don’t see why you would want to, but you may still have done so […]