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Aarhus Street Food: A Street Food Revolution Epicenter

Super Bao at Aarhus Street Food

A revolution is taking place in the city of Aarhus, Denmark, and it goes by the name of Aarhus Street Food. In a city already overflowing with culinary options and gastronomic landmarks, affordable, fast and deliciously exotic food for people on the move has found a new niche. In fact, Lonely Planet, who just ranked […]

Food Festival 2016: Pictures, Best Food and Favorite Moments

johan johansen food festival

Since 2012, Food Festival has been an institution in Aarhus, drawing an ever-increasing number of food growers, producers and distributors as well as food personalities, writers and mere mortal foodies alike. This year, some 27,000 people visited the festival and I, my Gawd, was one. Camp Gourmensch at Food Festival 2016. Photo credit: Malou, […]

Aarhus Central Food Market: A Foodie’s Paradise in Downtown Aarhus

foodie bar at Aarhus Central Food Market

In the weekend of October 1st and 2nd 2016, a staggering 10,000 people (and then some!) dropped by Sankt Knud’s Torv on Aarhus’ main shopping street for the long-awaited grand opening of Aarhus Central Food Market. 10,000 strong! Thousands of people wait in line for the opening of Aarhus Central Food Market. Photo credit: Malou, […]

Quick Pick: D’vinos – Wine & Gourmet Tapas – Aarhus, Denmark

d'vinos klostertorv

When other notorious eaters let a recommendation slip, you listen. So, when the immortal Hotdog Judge told me about a new tapas place that had popped up on his radar, I naturally listened. When he furthermore extended an invitation for fellow food blogger Malou and I to join him for a tasting of their menu, […]

Quick Pick: Restaurant Smækker Lækker, Kolding, Denmark

“For Those Who Have Heart” is my favorite album from Florida’s metalcore/pop punk sensation “A Day To Remember”, but it may also well be the moniker for local restaurateur Aziz Adam and his small crew at Restaurant Smækker Lækker (literally: Damn Hot or Damn Tasty) located a mere hundred yards or so from my home […]