Who is this johan…?

johan johansen
I am a foodie/geek who dislikes Piña Coladas but does not mind getting caught in the rain, nor the taste of Champagne..

In a few more words, I’m a 30-something male and an IT professional by trade. I started this blog as an creative outlet for my greatest passions: gastronomy, home-cooking and fine wines/spirits. Since late 2013, it has served as my medium for expression of taste and opinion on everything from simple bites to Michelin-starred tasting dinners.


I have expensive habits, a burning passion for gastronomy and fine dining, and a tendency towards long geeky posts. You can read a a lot more about me on my in this elaborate post.


You can also follow @johanjohansen on twitter / instagram – or check out my facebook profile.

If you want to talk, feel free to use the contact form or hit me up at [email protected]!

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