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Sour is the Dough: Homemade Sourdough Starter


I’m an odd piece of work sometimes. I love food, I love gastronomy, I love a challenge and I love constructing DIY eating experiences from scratch. But there’s one vast area of gastronomy I generally don’t touch upon, one that I don’t dare touch upon. And that’s baking. I tried once, with all the best of intentions. There was an accident. I’ve since then not touched a microwave and my baking efforts have been scarce at best. It’s best not to talk about it.

The perfect burger: Brioche, a perfect set of buns!

brioche burger buns

It’s a new week here at johanjohansen.dk, but we’re still talking burgers. Or, more specifically, my quest to create the perfect burger for my friends. If you missed parts one and two, check here for tips on the perfect patty and here for a list of perfect condiments and toppings, or read on to learn […]