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Review: Restaurant Lieffroy – Affordable, slightly dented luxury!

restaurant lieffroy

Flying high again: As somewhat of a blogging first, this post was proof read by a very sleep deprived Johan at the cruising height of 36,000 feet aboard a United Airlines Boeing 757-200 heading across the Atlantic Ocean. While I did receive expert help from my friend and co-traveler Zascha in eradicating the worst errors, […]

Sole Walewska: a new level of seafood decadence

sole walewska

I figured I’d just set one thing straight. There’s been a lot of talk lately on this site about my friend Tina and our dining adventures. Consequently it’s been a logical assumption by many that there was a bit more than friendship going on here. So let me put it out there for the millionth time […]

Restaurant review: The River Café, NYC, 1 Michelin Star

The River Café

Location is everything in New York City and on the topic of location, few can match The River Café! The café, which is really a restaurant – duh, is located in Brooklyn Bridge Park, a wonderful mix of old warehouses, promenades and little green areas. It’s also located RIGHT on the waterfront and right below […]