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Strange infusions: Mojito-infused Rum!

Mojito infusion

Tina, I’m a genius! I’ve just had the best idea ever, I said one day. “What is it this time, Johan?” she probably though when I texted her the fifth or so time that day with another food or drink related idea I’d come up with. “I think we should get hold of a good […]

Mojito Sorbet: the ultimate boozy dessert?

mojito sorbet

In this post, I propose to tell you how I, entirely by accident, came up with my most popular and requested original dessert to date: the Mojito Sorbet! Before I move on, though, I want to say a few words in defense of the noble, terribly abused and often misunderstood drink that is the Cuban […]

The Perfect Mojito? Do’s and dont’s of mojito making

the perfect mojito

One of my favorite drinks in the world, if done right, is the mojito. I know what with fall being well under way and winter rapidly approaching, it’s not really the choice drink for the season, but hey, what with global warming, globalization and all, the once summer-only ingredients such as fresh limes and mint […]