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Review: Restaurant MellemRum, Aarhus – Dining Between Spaces

My journey through a five course tasting dinner at what some consider to be a rising star on the second largest dining scene in Denmark. This post also my ode to dining off the beaten track and trying something outside of the epicenter for a change.

Review: CP44 – The World’s Best Curry Powder?

CP44 Curry

It’s no secret by now that I dig small-scale producers of quality foodstuffs. Producers whose efforts tell a story and who are devoted, passionate and geeky in what they do. Passionate and geeky, that is, on the brink of obsession. This is the story about one such person: More specifically, this is the story about Alex, a […]

Restaurant review: Picture, London – Unfathomable value for money

Picture Restaurant

I got myself in a bit of a predicament earlier this month. It was my mom’s 60th birthday and we were spending it in beautiful (and terribly expensive) London. We had booked ourselves into the Thistle Marble Arch hotel for a couple of nights and were busying ourselves taking in the sights and sounds of London. […]

Review: Den Klodsede Bjørn / The Clumsy Bear Vodka

Klodsede bjørn vodka

There are a few human qualities I admire more than anything else on this earth and very highly among these rank the following: Dedication Determination Boobies Passion Attention to detail I also happen to really enjoy great craftsmanship and quality alcohol. As you may be able to imagine, whenever I find a company or a […]

Restaurant Review: Commander’s Palace Restaurant, New Orleans

Commander's Palace review

By golly, in my 30-some years, I reckon this may well be the BEST dinner I’ve ever had! – The words, as much as they might well have been, are not mine. Rather, they’re the words of a somewhat vocal fellow at the next table over from us who throughout the evening had been so […]