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Simple pleasures: Cream of Jerusalem artichoke soup

jerusalem artichoke soup

In this first installment of our New Year’s roundup, I’m here today to tell you about possible uses for my favorite tuber, the Jerusalem Artichoke, but before we even get that far, let’s clear one thing up. I sometimes notice a look of confusion shoot across people’s faces when I mention Jerusalem artichokes, so let’s […]

The World’s Best French Onion Soup

Homemade French Onion Soup - The World's Best

Ah French onion soup. The perfect comfort food. That piping hot mess of sweet onions, gelatinous beef broth, warming alcohol, crunchy crouton and molten cheese. In today’s installment of our Thanksgiving series, I share with you my recipe and secret tips for the perfect French onion soup. But let me first share with you the […]