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Review: XO Burgers and Steaks, Copenhagen

XO Burgers and Steaks

Every now and then, I get some interesting letters owing to my position as dedicated food geek, enjoyer of life and blogger. One such letter came from the hands of the friendly people at XO Burgers and Steaks in Copenhagen. They wrote me a while back to tell me they had come across the site, had […]

Restaurant Review: Rilano No. 6 Lenbach Palais, Munich

Wagyu at Rilano No 6

Oh God. Is anyone here allergic to nuts?! I’m at one of Munich’s most beautiful and stylish restaurants on an equally beautiful Wednesday evening in April and in a rare total loss of control, one frantic, female waiter has just bolted past our table in a frazzled hurry, uttering those very words. Praying no reply […]

Tasting wine: Adegas Morgadío – 2011 Morgadío (Spanish White)


Well, that’s a boring choice, my wine guy said as I plucked a bottle of Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc from his shelves for my Saturday night dinner. “Why don’t you try something new? Something.. Spanish?“ I’m not usually one to be told what to do, especially not when it comes to purchases, but I do love a […]

Sole Walewska: a new level of seafood decadence

sole walewska

I figured I’d just set one thing straight. There’s been a lot of talk lately on this site about my friend Tina and our dining adventures. Consequently it’s been a logical assumption by many that there was a bit more than friendship going on here. So let me put it out there for the millionth time […]

Tasting Wine: Riglos Gran Corte 2009, Wine Enthusiast Wine of the Year 2012

Riglos Gran Corte 2009

Up until recently, I had a perfect little secret that I shared only with my wine guy and my friend Tina. It involved a wine, a typical red Bordeaux blend, produced, very atypically, high up in the Argentinian mountains by a small-scale producer called Las Divas Vineyards under the advisory of American wine legend, Paul […]