Who is this johan…?

I’m a 40-something foodie/geek. An IT-professional by trade, I started this blog as an creative outlet for my greatest passions: gastronomy, home-cooking and fine wines/spirits. For years, it has served as my medium for expression of taste and opinion on everything from simple bites to Michelin-starred tasting menus.

I also write for several major Danish food blogs including Gastromand.dk and have contributed to several books on the subjects of food and fine spirits.

I have expensive habits, a burning passion for gastronomy and fine dining, and a tendency towards long geeky posts. You can read a a lot more about me in this elaborate post.If you feel like getting social, you can follow @johanjohansen on instagram.

Read my full bio here.

2 thoughts on “Who is this Johan?

  1. Judith L Calica (judy) says:

    Johan. This was a, “winner, winner pizza dinner!” I thought of the idea myself but needed some tweaking and proportions. You provided those admirably, even though I had to convert grams into ounces. Thank you so much this is a keeper!!

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