Who is this johan…?

I’m a 40-something foodie/geek. An IT-professional by trade, I started this blog as an creative outlet for my greatest passions: gastronomy, home-cooking and fine wines/spirits. For years, it has served as my medium for expression of taste and opinion on everything from simple bites to Michelin-starred tasting menus.

I also write for several major Danish food blogs including Gastromand.dk and have contributed to several books on the subjects of food and fine spirits.

My most recent culinary adventure involves launching the online food magazine yeswefood.com with my friend and Partner in Dine.

I have expensive habits, a burning passion for gastronomy and fine dining, and a tendency towards long geeky posts. You can read a a lot more about me in this elaborate post.If you feel like getting social, you can follow @johanjohansen on instagramIf you want to talk, feel free to use the contact form or hit me up at contact@johanjohansen.dk!

2 thoughts on “Who is this Johan?

  1. Judith L Calica (judy) says:

    Johan. This was a, “winner, winner pizza dinner!” I thought of the idea myself but needed some tweaking and proportions. You provided those admirably, even though I had to convert grams into ounces. Thank you so much this is a keeper!!

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