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Copenhagen Restaurant Gems: Salon – Classic Perfection

Anne Køster at Salon Copenhagen

“I’m glad it’s not me,” said The Chief when I told the boys from that my favorite fixer had proposed that we eat a Burgundy-soaked lunch at Salon in Copenhagen… “The portions are simply too huge,” he added with no trace of his usual sarcasm in his voice. His given name is Thomas Alcayaga, […]

Copenhagen Restaurant Gems: Restaurant Frihavn – A Smørrebrød Oasis

Eating at Restaurant Frihavn

“Restaurant Frihavn is incredible food, passion and heart – at an unbelievable price,” I write on my phone as her eyes roll back in their sockets and a not so subtle sigh of “oh my god” escapes her lips in an obvious foodgasm. “Can I try some,” she’s asked moments before, her cutlery already reaching […]

Copenhagen Restaurant Gems: BÆST – Best Pizza & Charcuterie in Town?

Pizza Margherita at Bæst Copenhagen

It was my friend the Gentle Giant who reminded me on one of my recent trips to our nation’s capital: One of the best pizzas in Europe, if not the world is found in Copenhagen! Or so the rumor has spread across the internet fueled by mentions on such major and influential sites as Big […]

Review: Brace – The Copenhagen Restaurant that Michelin forgot?

Bread, butter and white wine

Dear Brace I am sorry… This is one of those love song that should have been written long ago… Frequent visitors to my Instagram may remember that I first visited Italian-born chef Nicola Fanetti’s culinary playground Brace almost a year ago, and like many of my peers (Gastromand and Feinschmeckeren for example) at the time, […]

Copenhagen Restaurant Gems: Motley – a Nørrebro Love Affair

JANUARY 2020 UPDATE: MOTLEY HAS (SADLY) CLOSED INDEFINITELY. THIS LOVE LETTER IS KEPT MERELY FOR PERSONAL AND SENTIMENTAL REASONS The best things in life happen by some degree of luck and chance. Of this, I am certain. Be it a chance meeting on Nørreport Station leading to Champagne and summer romances, an Instagram post leading […]