Copenhagen Restaurant Gems: Barabba – Bib Gourmand Italian Attitude

“Okay, you don’t like,” he says matter-of-factly and proceeds to down the glass of orange wine he’s just poured me in one massive gulp. How very Italian. He then, in his charming accent, declares: “but I do love you anyway,” and proceeds to bear hug me. It is clear to me at this point that […]

Huevos Rancheros – Beginner’s Guide to Mexican Food, Breakfast Edition

Huevos Rancheros is probably my favorite breakfast dish of all time… and I’m pretty sure I’ve had them all! From simple oatmeal over full British fry-ups to Wagyu Eggs Benedict. Yes, it’s a thing, and it’s absolutely wonderful. Don’t believe me? check my Instagram for proof! Ahem. Anyway, I’ve had a range of breakfast dishes […]

Perfect Ćevapi Recipe: Best Balkan Street Food | History & How-To

What is the best street food in the world? That’s a tough question. But, if like me, you have spent any amount of time traveling around the Balkans, be it Serbia, Croatia or Bosnia and Herzegovina or any country in the general vicinity, then the grilled meat specialty that is Ćevapi may rank pretty highly […]

Copenhagen Restaurant Gems: Salon – Classic Perfection

Anne Køster at Salon Copenhagen

“I’m glad it’s not me,” said The Chief when I told the boys from that my favorite fixer had proposed that we eat a Burgundy-soaked lunch at Salon in Copenhagen… “The portions are simply too huge,” he added with no trace of his usual sarcasm in his voice. His given name is Thomas Alcayaga, […]

Champagne Dom Perignon 2008 Review – A Legend is Born

“Wow,” is the most predominant first expressions I’ve heard to date about 2008 Dom Perignon – the new top vintage from Moët & Chandon – and with good reason. Everything about Dom Perignon, right down to its green, characteristically chubby bottle to the subtly underplayed, non-descript but universally recognizable label screams class and hedonistic luxury. […]