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Gobble, gobble! Today, the last Thursday in November, is Thanksgiving Day for my many American friends! So happy Turkey-day, you guys, may your day be full of football, beers, turkey, gravy, wine, marshmallows and sweet potatoes!

For me, today is an ordinary workday, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t the least bit jealous of my American friends. Usually you’ll find me playing the part of the grumpy old man in the corner, scowling at the Danish tendency to adopt American card-buying holidays or traditions such as Halloween or, even worse, Valentine’s Day! Urgh! As far as Thanksgiving goes, though, I’m with you guys! We, your humble European forefathers, cannot adopt this tradition quickly enough! I mean, an entire day devoted merely to being grateful for your family, friends and loved ones – and expressing this gratitude through mass consumption of fat and starch laden dishes? Bring it on!

Ahem, in all earnestness, though, I do love the concept of Thanksgiving; sharing a heart-warming meal with the people you care about the most? What better way to wind down and enjoy one last nice quiet day together before the Holiday-craze grabs us, tears us apart and pushes us off in all manners of directions? I personally can’t think of one!

Which is why, dear reader, I’m now joining the fight to bring Thanksgiving to Denmark. I’ve got beer, I’ve got wine, I’ve got a guest list. I’ve got cranberries, sweet potatoes and regular ones, too. I’ve got a horribly oversized piece of poultry defrosting in the fridge, and I’ve got a cute young friend who’s promised to bake me a pie! This Saturday, we’re bringing Thanksgiving to Denmark – with all the trimmings!

Baked codThe Big Bird! By the way, if you’re in America reading this now and this is how far along your turkey is… You’re screwed!

Saturday? Yes, Saturday. Since my efforts to persuade the powers that be, both locally and nationally, into making Thanksgiving Thursday a public holiday have miserably failed, we’re hanging low for a few days and postponing the party to Saturday! That way, once my lovely American readers have finished properly digesting their meals, they can have a look at my antics and get hungry all over again. Johan, you’re a genius if I do say so myself!

If you’re now thinking to yourself: I bet we’ll be seeing some Thanksgiving and/or turkey related posts on the blog in the near future, then I’m happy to report that you’re absolutely right!

This will be my first time ever roasting a turkey and actually my first time eating roast turkey since eating my grandma’s Christmas turkey years ago. So expect at the very least a very self-conscious post about the do’s and dont’s of turkey roasting. I’ve got some pretty interesting sides planned as well, following the age-old principle of something old, something new, something crazy and something stewed (wait, is that it?)… What are they? Well, you’ll just have to stay tuned and see… The party starts now!

Happy Turkeyday, America, catch you on the flip-side!

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