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I believe I promised everybody yesterday that I’d post the working draft of my New Year’s dinner. I feel a bit ambivalent about it as it sort of ruins the surprise, but hey, a promise is a promise.

Here then, as promised, is the working draft of my 2013 New Year’s Dinner. Presented for your enjoyment in Helvetica typeface. Some dishes are still under heavy development, but I’m reasonably sure I’ll get everything done on time. I’m starting to get excited about this project despite, for the first time ever, not using beef as a key player in my main course.

Johan’s New Year’s Dinner 2013 [working draft]


Smoked beef / onion confit / toast

Bread sticks / artisan cheese / spicy mayo


Jerusalem artichokes / truffel / bacon / leak

A working class meal:

Pork belly / caramelized cabbage / celeriac

Pilsner / Schnapps

An upper class meal:

Wild boar / Red Burgundy / Thyme / Garlic

Potato gratin / Red Burgundy Glace

Palate cleanser

Poached pear / Noble Rot / Selection of Danish cheeses

That, as they say, is the gist of if. As I said, this menu is still very much under construction. If you want to see how it all ended up, I’m afraid you’ll have to check back some time after December 31st 😉

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