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A week or so ago, I stumbled upon the website (or just Fridgg) is a food porn site like so many food porn sites before it, but with a twist. Unlike many foodporn sites such as Tastespotting and Foodgawker, Fridgg is social and user driven. That is to say that the decision of which pictures make it to the front page of the site is not in the hands of editors who chose pictures based on personal and sometimes obscure preferences, but rather it is in the hands of other users of the site.

Anyone can submit photos to Fridgg, even mediocre photographers such as myself, and users can then view, like and favorite one another’s photos. A secret algorithm (harnessing the powers of an infinite number of monkeys, and lasers, I’m told) then decides which photos get promoted and featured on the front page of the site by weighing in factors such as likes, views and social engagement amongst other things. It’s all rather cleverly made, and a lot of fun. You can read a lot more about the site and the pretty lady behind it here.

I’ve been using the site daily, just browsing around, liking things, clicking links and harvesting inspiration. I’ve even submitted a few of my own pictures for approval, just for the fun of it, not thinking much about it. Until, well, about an hour ago when this arrived in my inbox..

Front page of fridgg.comMade front page of – go team me!

And upon checking out the site, my picture (originally posted here) is actually now prominently featured on the front page of! How about that? For the first time in my life, I’m actually front page material! Go team me! Hurry on over to the front page to catch it while it’s still here. Or check out and like the original image here, so we can all gang up and keep me on the site.

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