Season Greetings from Johan-land (The land of the cold!)

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I know it’s been a while since we’ve seen any real updates on the site. The reason for this, aside from the obvious fact that Christmas is rolling on at the speed of runaway freight train, is that I’ve been sick with a rather persistent case of the common cold. Actually, we’re celebrating our one month anniversary today if anybody wants to send a card.

Apparently sickness and gastronomy don’t quite mix and apparently neither do sickness and writing sessions. At least that’s what I appear to have deducted, so I’m taking a bit of a time off from work, blogging and the likes to attempt to get well and not have to spent Christmas under the covers. New, revolutionary idea, I know…

I wanted to take a bit of time, though, to wish all of you out there a very Happy Christmas! May all your roasts, birds, hams or what have you be wonderful, succulent and delicious and may you find comfort in the company of your family and loved ones! Thank you for your visits, support and comments in 2013, it’s been more than overwhelming and I hope 2014 will be an even greater year here on


I’ll be taking a few days off to try to get feeling better, but fear not, there’s a lot lined up for the blog, including but not limited to this years New Year’s extravaganza. Oh, and I have been working on a little something (and by “a little something” I mean “an unreasonably long, detailed and geeky post”) that should hit the blog within the next couple of days. What is it? Well, here’s a teaser..

LasagnaThe ultimate lasagna… It’s coming!

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