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So… If you’re a loyal reader of this blog, you may have realized that things have died down a bit lately. The reason for this is simple. I’ve been so careless as to actually plan a bit of vacation this year!

As a result of this decision, I’m currently caught at a Motel 6 in Vicksburg, Mississippi Comfort Inn in Houma, Louisiana about 1/3 into a roaring road trip of the Southern United States along with my friend Zascha. This rather ambitious project involves spending 21 days driving a total of 2000+ miles through the States of North Carolina, Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina… and then some!

Johan driving!Me actually doing some driving. Anyone currently in the Southern US would do best to keep off the roads! Photo credit: @zwatz on

With a whole lot of shaking driving, touring and experiencing going on me and my travel partner are pretty well spent by the end of the day which leaves little time for blogging… That is if we can even find accommodations with reliable internet access.

Fear not, though, a major part of the experience revolves around local foods and good eats, and I have had a ton of chances to explore the many varieties of Southern food, making for exciting things to come on the blog! So come return time, I’ll have a ton of things to blog about, including but not limited to southern staples, culinary curiosities, restaurant reviews and “a foreigner’s guide to Southern BBQ”

Central BBQCental BBQ, a popular haunt amongst local BBQ afficionados in Memphis

So, while it all may seem a bit slow and dead around here at the moment, in the words of the friendly people around these parts: Y’all come back now, ya’ hear? The notes are plentiful and we’ll have tons of stuff to share!

Live gatorLive gator in Thibodaux, LA!

Yummy gatorYummy gator in Baton Rouge, LA!

Oh and if you’re still reading this and are curious about my trip and good, solid Southern food and culture, fell free to follow me on Instagram or Facebook for daily short updates and pictures, both food related and not.

Johan all chilled outGot my porch, got my music, my rocking chair, my pork rinds, my teddy bear and a Dr. Pepper. Life is good!

… Please? 😉

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