Johan Unscripted: Tasting Danish Whisky – Trolden Distillery Old No. 2

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We’ve done a few videos in the Unscripted series now, all of which can be viewed on my Youtube channel. It’s a pretty simple concept, really, I plop myself down with a camera and a topic or task. I hit record and just roll with it for as long as I can, never pausing, never starting over, never doing double-takes. Just ranting on live and unscripted.

Most videos thus far have revolved around me burning my head off with peppers or trying really pecular things, so I figured for my next trick, I’d actually try something nice for a change. So, I invite you to watch along as I, in my come whatever may fashion, uncork, sniff and taste a truly peculiar bottle of whisky: a 3 year old “Old No. 2” from our local Trolden Distillery.

The beauty – and danger – of the Unscripted format is that things don’t always go according to plan. Sometimes unexpected things just happen, be it you tripping over your own tongue or you spilling water all over yourself… Whatever happens, you pretty much just gotta roll with it. As you will see, in this particular episode not everything went entirely according to plan, but I decided to keep rolling and hopefully you’ll learn something from the result, or at the very least get a laugh out of it… Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Johan Unscripted: Tasting Danish Whisky – Trolden Distillery Old No. 2

  1. Jeremy Stafford says:

    I’m glad that I found your video review! I just returned to the U.S. after spending some time in Kolding, part of which was visiting with Michael @ Trolden. I bought a bottle of Old No. 2 and it made it here intact!

    From your review I am even more confident that this was a good purchase. Yes, it was relatively quite expensive but it reflects the passion Michael has for making his products. He is a true craftsman!

    • Johan says:

      Hey Jeremy,

      Thanks for chiming in, what an awesome story. I’ll be sure to let Michael know hos precious arrived safely in the US, he’ll be stoked!

      I hope you’ll enjoy your small bit of Whiskey history!

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