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Review: 2011 Gardarèm by Marrenon – World’s Best Syrah?

Gardarèm 2011

Gardarèm, they say, is ancient Gallic for “We keep”. It’s also the name of the, supposedly, best Syrah in the world. Most importantly, though, it is the culmination of a journey for your’s truly. It’s no secret. I’ve drunk a lot of wine throughout the years… Much of it good, some of it bad, if […]

Tasting Whiskey: Trolden Distillery Old No. 2 – Danish Whiskey Review

Trolden Danish Whiskey

I’ve got a question for you… What compels an individual of reasonably sound wit and intellect to set up a whiskey production from scratch in a Danish seaside town of some 65,000 souls? Fortune? Fame? Recognition? Momentary loss of sanity? Since my beloved local brewery announced, some three years ago, the intend to craft a […]

Johan Unscripted: Westvleteren 12 Review – The World’s Best Beer?

Westvleteren 12

It’s Friday night in Denmark and not a particularly fine one at that. It’s cold, it’s rainy, it’s windy. But it doesn’t matter. For Johan the food blogger, today was a good day. Today was the day I finally got to taste one of the most iconic beers in the history of brewing. Today was […]

Johan Unscripted: Tasting Danish Whisky – Trolden Distillery Old No. 2

Trolden Whisky

We’ve done a few videos in the Unscripted series now, all of which can be viewed on my Youtube channel. It’s a pretty simple concept, really, I plop myself down with a camera and a topic or task. I hit record and just roll with it for as long as I can, never pausing, never […]

Tasting Whisky: Glenfiddich Distillery Explorers Tour


Here’s a question for you: When on a walking trip of Scotland, what does one do when one finds oneself within walking distance of Dufftown, the self-proclaimed “Single Malt Capital of the World”? Elementary, my dear reader! One takes a day off from walking the Speyside Way in order to walk to the fair village of […]