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Review: XO Burgers and Steaks, Copenhagen

XO Burgers and Steaks

Every now and then, I get some interesting letters owing to my position as dedicated food geek, enjoyer of life and blogger. One such letter came from the hands of the friendly people at XO Burgers and Steaks in Copenhagen. They wrote me a while back to tell me they had come across the site, had […]

Slow-cooked Chili Con Carne: The basics, the history, the recipe!

Chili Con Carne

It should come as no surprise by now to regular readers that I like to experiment in my cooking. Hardly anything I do ever comes out the exact same way twice which is another reason I started adding recipes and procedures to this blog. At least that way, if something turns out right, I can […]

The shape of beers to come: Kolding Ølmesse (Kolding Beer Fair) 2014


Every year, on the final Friday of February roughly 600 beer loves descend on my home town of Kolding, Denmark for a joyous one-night celebration of all things beer and beer-related, put on by my good friends at my local wine store, Kolding Vinhandel. The event, known as Kolding Ølmesse (Literally: Kolding Beer Fair), has, […]

The Perfect Burger: Plating it up!

perfect burger

Over the last week or so, I’ve spent much of my spare time chasing the perfect burger recipe. This has led to many a burger-related post, all of which can be found here. Of course, chasing the perfect burger concept is one thing, actually stepping up and creating the perfect burger is an entirely different […]

Beer review: Svaneke Liquorice Stout (by Johan Bülow)

licorice stout

Craft brewing has been all the rage in Denmark over the past couple of years. Second to only a few select nations such as Belgium and (gasp) the US, Denmark has been one of the biggest stars on the international craft brewing scene. Actually, we may at some point even have been number one in […]