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Review: Baphomet Vodka, Dancing with the Devil at Copenhell

Baphomet Vodka

Ever since I cut my hair and traded most of my band shirts for work shirts, very few people look at me and go: “there goes a metal head!” In fact, very few readers of this blog, save those who know me or those who read my review of Iron Maiden’s The Trooper Beer, would […]

Chicken Pad Thai: A Stir Fry Classic!

Chicken Pad Thai

Hello friends, Johan the food snob here with another installment in the “Let’s try to do things a little more authentically!” series. Let me ask you this: Have you ever wanted to really piss off a Thai person? No? Well, I don’t see why you would want to, but you may still have done so […]

Slow-cooked Chili Con Carne: The basics, the history, the recipe!

Chili Con Carne

It should come as no surprise by now to regular readers that I like to experiment in my cooking. Hardly anything I do ever comes out the exact same way twice which is another reason I started adding recipes and procedures to this blog. At least that way, if something turns out right, I can […]

Thanksgiving 2013: Ghost chili and licorice cranberry sauce

cranberry sauce

Of all the Thanksgiving side dishes out there, cranberry sauce may very well be one of the most traditional, and as such may also well be among those most often found on Thanksgiving tables throughout America. Given this fact, and the fact that I absolutely love cranberries, I naturally wanted to include a homemade cranberry […]