Bringing the heat: Ghost chili mango hot sauce recipe

ghost chili hot sauce

As the regular and attentive reader will by now have figured out, I’m quite big on chilies. And with it being harvest season for Danish chili growers, I’ve been quite blessed in terms of donations over the last couple of weeks. Most notably so, I’ve recently received a donation of a pound of ghost chilies (or […]

Happy Global Champagne Day 2013: Champagne basics

Vintage Champagne André Roger

Today is Global Champagne Day 2013, so I thought we’d take a time out to talk a bit about one of my favorite things in the world: Champagne! More specifically, Champagne basics! Not all that sparkles is Champagne, we all know this. There are sparkling wines and then there are Champagnes. Champagnes come exclusively from […]

Food memories: Low Fat (-ish) Orange Chicken Recipe

Homemade orange chicken stir fry

Ten years ago, pretty much to the date, I spent a week in San Francisco. I remember it as one of the most buzzing and interesting cities in the US and I most certainly remember it as having one of the best food scenes with all sorts of exciting ethnic options. I was backpacking at […]

How to make steak tacos – in two tries!

steak tacos

How come you’ve never cooked steak tacos for me? – Zascha once shot at me out of the blue as I entered the living room. “I.. Err. Help?” I replied, and tip-toed uneasily until I realized she had been hunched over my copy of Eat Like A Man, looking at recipes and building up an […]